The 3 Foundation Building Pillars of Movement

Moving like the GREATEST OF ALL TIME ATHLETES is the safest most secure way to run, swing, jump, and throw fast without ever getting hurt. Hidden within their bodies lies the secrets to being a superior mover.

GOATA Shape:

Posture, balance, or position training:
Before athletes move their body has a default balance state which is
destroyed by modern-day chairs, sedentary lifestyles, and unusual repetitive movements.

Goata BCD spinal security (Back Chain Dominant):

The back chain is responsible for protecting the spine during high-level forward movement. Without a strong back chain the spine is open to repetitive stress which can lead to chronic pain and serious injury.

Goata Indigenous Suppleness:

Tight muscles destroy movement quality and set the stage for acute strains and pulls which tear the muscle and completely sever the tissues from the bones.

"Learning the secrets to the movement was an eye-opening experience. I always knew something was not right, and just couldn't put my finger on it without Coach Gil's help. The slow-motion video was the key for me to start my journey."

Darrel Williams
Kansas City Chiefs & Former LSU Running Back

"I used to think my hurting knees was normal. Now I can run a 4.3 40 with no knee pain. Much better than a 4.5 with pain"

Joe Este
NFL Free Agent & Master GOATA Coach

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