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GOATA Movement

Up-level Performance. Become Non-Contact Injury Resistant.

Be Pain Free For Life.

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What is GOATA Movement?

GOATA (Greatest Of All Time Athletes) is the science of observing human movement patterns in slow motion. Via slow motion video technology we are able to recognize and compare the identical movement patterns of crawling babies, bipedal indigenous tribes, Injury resistant movers that stand the test of time & Elite Super Athletes. These athletes have had multi decade careers and were non-contact injury resistant. Some examples of these athletes are Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Deion Sanders, Pele, Maradona, Serena Williams, Jerry Rice, we could go on for days... but the patterns are what really matter. Click the pictures below to see some of Coach Gil's breakdowns.

Crawling Baby Tribe

The Crawling baby has innate movement patterns that are natural from an evolutionary standpoint. Before the baby transitions to walking, the spine moves and remains unlocked in the process. This encompasses the beginnings to our observation of the pressure wave.

Indigineous Tribes

Indigenous tribes of the world have perfect GOATA movement patterns because they are not effected by modern day chair sitting and irregular movement patterns.

Super Athlete Tribe

Every GOATA mover is essentially a super athlete because they all share the same evolutionary patterns. They engage the pressure wave, they corner their hips and they use outside of the foot landings.

Aging GOATA Tribe

The Aging GOATA Tribe is the Tribe of individuals that have made it for many decades into a ripe old age while still maintaining the GOATA Patterns. The Aging GOATA Tribe is the end game of our system.

Through observing and studying the movement patterns of these 4 tribes we have created a program that awakens the nervous system of the body back to its evolutionary movement patterns.  This allows you to move with explosive fluidity while protecting your connective tissue for life. Yes you can have your life or "A game" back.

"Learning the secrets to the movement was an eye-opening experience. I always knew something was not right, and just couldn't put my finger on it without Coach Gil's help. The slow-motion video was the key for me to start my journey."

Darrel Williams
Kansas City Chiefs & Former LSU Running Back

The Benefits of being a GOATA Mover

Endurance Durable

Being a GOATA Mover preserves the connective tissue in the joints that gets destroyed by irregular movement. By removing this irregular movement with the correct set of exercises you create healing movement patterns that preserve your joints over the course of your life.

Injury Resistant

When you move like the greatest of all time athletes your balance and coordination are at an elite level allowing you to run, throw, walk, swim, or kick without getting the "itises" or having re-occurring non-contact injuries. 

Up-level in Performance

In removing the "itises" and the non-contact injuries associated with irregular or WOATA (Worst Of All Time Actions) movement behaviors you can perform at the highest levels. We have seen increases of 6 - 26% in performance from people who have worked in the program, all while remaining pain and injury free once their movement patterns were corrected.

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"I used to think my hurting knees was normal. Now I can run a 4.3 40 with no knee pain. Much better than a 4.5 with pain"

Joe Este
NFL Free Agent & Master GOATA Coach

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