What If I Told You That You Were Walking Wrong?

goata cert weekend clips what if i told you that you are walking wrong Jan 15, 2021

What would you say to somebody who walked up to you, a total stranger, and said, "You know that you are walking incorrectly, right?" How would you respond?

It's been 1 year and 5 months since I've experienced any back or neck pain, and after 2 really bad accidents, that is something that I wake up every morning and am thankful for.  1 year and 5 months ago I was at a breaking point. In the midst of yet another back episode that had me floored for almost a week and uncomfortable in every position for an additional week or so. 

I was done. I couldn't afford to be out for that long. I couldn't deal with this agonizing pain any more. I called my dad and met with him to start my recode.

My dad, Coach Gil, had hired me and my brother on to shoot videos for GOATA so that we could start a website and put the videos into courses so I had knowledge of what the exercises could do because I had seen the results in people my dad was coaching. 

Within 2 weeks' time I was feeling relief. By the end of the second month, I was getting out of bed starting my day off totally free of any pain. The pain never came back.

Seemed that as long as I was paying attention to how I moved during the day, keeping feet straight, walking on the outside of my feet, and doing 15 minutes of GOATA exercises every other day, I could move and function without pain.

I am in the works on making a new course just for beginners, so be on the look out for this new content.


What if I told you that you’re moving wrong? 


What if I told you that you’re moving wrong? That when you turn your feet out when you walk it’s actually hurting you? That when you choose a wide stance, over a stance in columns it’s causing back pain? Would you believe me? 


Would you be angry with me? 


The reality that our disbelievers haven’t realized yet is that our clients and athletes have already experienced this, their movement changes, their pain goes away, their performance increases. 


They thank us, they stick with us, they already believe in us. 


But why?


I think most of us know that if you don’t ever try it for yourself then you will never truly know… how much this system has helped people… how much this system has helped me stay pain free. 


What are you waiting for? 


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Wishing you and your family the very best.