Master GOATA Coach Ricky Stanzi talks movement with SI

Jul 06, 2020

As a certified GOATA coach my mission is to help inform and educate the masses of the WOATA epidemic that is running rampant and unnoticed all around the world.  No matter race, color, religion, age, or gender, poor movement and a world divided from Mother Nature is causing a massive influx of non-contact injuries and joint-segment replacement through surgery.  The numbers are staggering in the knee and hip replacement trend that seems to be growing exponentially year after year. As a GOATA coach my job is to make it known that your connective tissue is built to last and entire lifetime and through natural movement we can be a community of healers. As more people start to understand the power of being a GOATA mover we will see more and more coaches showing up ready to spread the knowledge of the healing power of natural movement.

We would like to give thanks to the editors at Sports Illustrated for taking the time to get to know what GOATA is all about. OneLove.

Coach T

GOATA Movement Team