Get Out There

coach josh get out there goata hiking goata movement Jun 11, 2021

Here at GOATA, our objective isn't to box you into the confines of some dogmatic paradigm based on the whims of yet another quirky guru or cabal of institutional "experts"--we're trying to release you right back on the turf as a sovereign mover, fully unleashed. We're here to help you enjoy what the world outside the kennel club has to offer--because you're more than just a spectacle, and more than a spectator--you're spectacular. Don't diminish yourself, instead reclaim your birthright as a human mover. We can help you reveal your epigenetic potential, hidden beneath all the pathologies and dysfunction that are part and parcel of a sedentary lifestyle, regardless of whatever comforts and benefits come with it. 


Know this: no recode is really completed solely through rote execution of the regimen exercises. True GOATA movement is fully embodied, rather than pitifully abstract. The recode IS the recipe, but if anything we're talking about cooking, not baking. Follow the formula in good faith, sure, but that alone doesn't cut it--you gotta find the flavor. Salt is salty, pepper is peppery, and front-chain-dominant, inside-ankle-bone-low posture is rancid. We expect you to come out the kitchen, hips behind your ribcage and inside-ankle-bones-high, to serve up something succulent. We help you build the foundation for forward locomotion, and on that solid footing your feet have to actually walk the walk, and run the run. It's not just about posturing, posing pretty, and performing parlor tricks in a designated exercise space. GOATA is about growth, un-stunted by shackles.


So if anyone got the impression that we expect you to spend the rest of your days in a sweaty little cage reproducing repetitions like an automaton just to keep your nervous system and fascia in tune, we sincerely apologize--it is exactly the factory model of human movement from which the nautilus machine and barbell were born that we hope to transcend. Please forgive us if we failed to raise your expectations where they need to be, we only meant to give you some simple notes to master, like a piano student practicing (fractal) scales, so that you can break free of the box fully equipped to conduct your own symphony in the outdoor amphitheater of real life. 


The recode exercises your GOATA coach gives you are corrective and prepatory. Getting out of pain is beautiful, but it's just the beginning of something even MORE beautiful--putting the human fundamentals (walk/run/throw/swing) into actual, autonomous practice, all with ease and comfort, all without falling and breaking a hip at the end of the road. For those fed up enough to admit that they're bored of the dog and pony show and broken from all the gimmicky trials, we encourage you to burst out onto the unbounded plains, dance with the wolves, and run with the mustangs. 


GOATA movement is designed to be field-tested, out there beyond the realm of despotically-controlled variables and built spaces, full of right angles and straight lines cast in fluorescents, where shareholder value practically dictates that industries selectively fund research that will reproduce the results they need in order to get that all-consuming ROI and market their preconceived narratives.


In other words, GOATA movement begins where the domain of the PR vultures and lab-coated hyenas ends--Beyond the Pale, where engineers and eggheads fear to tread. It's a magnificent place, where humans stand in awe of towering trees, breathtaking vistas, and their own incredibly freeing bipedal abilities, rather than in domination over domesticated little English gardens that can’t weather a storm. GOATA movement is applied, empirical science, but it's more than that--it's inspired and liberating, when carried to it's (open-ended) conclusion. So get a recode, then get out there, and, as we say in New Orleans, do whatcha wanna, whether that's playing with your kids, participating in your favorite pastimes, or going pro. Have fun, and move safe everyone.