GOATA Movement System was created using spiral energy and mathematics. This training program is designed to train your innate movement patterns. GOATA workout regimens will get your body moving how it was intended to while also decompressing and strengthening essential muscle groups to achieve success. GOATA can and will raise your level of performance in any sport while keeping your muscles and joints healthy.

GOATA Movement System will increase your performance from 6-26%. You just have to put in the work! Start recoding today!



Train Forward Locomotion

We train forward movement patterns - locomotion. Our coaches do not use Olympic lifting to strengthen and put weight on athletes. Traditional  strength and conditioning programs train primarily reverse movement patterns. Repetitively training these patterns leads to injury and lowers athletic ability and speed. GOATA trained athletes increase strength and put on muscle mass naturally while training forward movement. This allows our athletes to get to the field and do what they do best - move, run, jump, and cut, with speed, endurance, and without the fear of injury.

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