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Beginner's Video Course Bundle

Everything you need to get started with GOATA Today!

GOATA is a movement system that was created to help athletes move better, be more explosive and reduce injury risk.

We all know that improving athletic performance requires practice, but not everyone has the time or energy for this. This is why so many athletes struggle with their performance goals.

 Coach Gil has developed an online course called The Beginner's Course Bundle that will teach you how to improve your own athletic performance through the GOATA Movement System while also helping you avoid injuries in your training.

What you'll get:

  • Pre-Movement Video Course
  • Back Chain Dominant Video Course
  • Suppleness Video Course
  • Decompression Video Course

All video courses are Do-It-Yourself Only.

Thank you for supporting us and we hope to see you as a part of our community soon!

Don't Forget to contact us from our homepage.

What People Are Saying:

Learning the secrets to the movement was an eye-opening experience. I always knew something was not right, and just couldn't put my finger on it without Coach Gil's help. The slow-motion video was the key for me to start my journey.

Darrel Williams

What I've learned from you to take my performances at age 45 to new levels that I never thought I could sustain.


Straight up I'm 34 and my legs feel better than when I was 28 and quit playing basketball. Cant thank these guys enough.


I did these today minus the slant board because we dont have em. Heels away all day is a game changer. Re coding a few years of oly lifts. Snatch and clean n Jerk have never felt better even after I broke my leg/ankle this april. Thanks for the solid info


you've opened my eyes to everything movement related and have changed how I feel. I feel better than I ever have in my life and I'm just getting started. Took 4 months to get to this point and I'm never looking back.

coachrussell41 on Insta

Also just wanted to let you know from applying your principles to my everyday workouts I've almost corrected my gate pattern and am finally seeing IABH. At practice yesterday was able to sprint on the treat for the first time without pain in my hips and knee! Appreciate all you do


I've had to lower back surgeries. An since I started to apply the goats movement base past few months. From just watching your videos. An all of my pain gone.

Larry_michael23 on Insta

I've been implementing some of the goata principles and I honestly just feel better by just adjusting the way I do certain stuff when I train... Y'all are the truth

n.b.webb on Instagram

@gls_training you guys changed me so much.biggest help thank you I will support y'all content fr keep up the positive work

_tajuu on Instagram

Thanks to GOATA I'm a better player. I've been to five sessions and can already see the difference. If your an athlete that's trying to prevent injury then you come see my guy @gls_training

Jaron Clay

These sweet moves brought to you by the successful reconditioning and retraining of movement courtesy of @stillnessgym and @goatamovement ... working through knee injuries without surgery, once upon a time just a few months ago I couldn't run, certainly couldn't consider spinning, and taking a jump shot was out of the question. Now I'm doing all of the above completely pain free and making progress every day on my runs

Jeremy Todd

Side note: I've been working with @gls_training for about 3 weeks now for some nagging knee pain that didn't really fir the description of any "injury" and wasn't responding to any rehab or corrective exercises. My ankles, knees, and hips already feel noticeably healthier. My right QL no longer locks up immediately, my piriformis is no longer a knotted mess, my left hamstring tightness seems to be relaxing, my legs feel like they're generating more power and explosiveness in all of my lifts, my feet have arches again, and I feel like I have way more lower stability on heavy yoke runs. If anyone is dealing with ankle, knee, or hip pain, or just wants to move safely and more efficiently, I highly suggest checking these guys out.


Did you pre movement fundamentals yesterday and decompression 101 this morning. Plan on doing the GOATA groundwork tonight. Already can tell a big difference in my hips and back pain. You all are genuinely the best, thank you!

mrjonessir on Instagram

Y'all already have big name athletes. Just need more then everyone in the sports world will see. I used to have chronic patellar pain until I started goata. Pain free now


same here.. chronic pain gone after doing GOATA fundamentals

adrian30.01 on Instagram

The shit I'm doing to people on the football field is unbelievable. I'm so back!!!!!! Sticking with all ground work. 3x 10 minutes in the chair and not doing any squatting besides kettlebell. Feeling absolutely insane


A huge goal for me after getting chronic knee pain in my early 20s was to be able to move and jump around in barefoot shoes w/out any knee or ankle/feet pain-- and it's happened!

Newfangled_axes Insta

Wooooo and it feelsssss insanneeee!!! I went on 3 runs today just pumped about zero pain!! Thanks again for the game changerrr, i apply it to everyyyy fuckin thing now.

gustagramz on Instagram

Playing rugby for my country and professionally has been a tremendous honor. However, adversities and injuries were always a part of that journey. After several years of professional rugby, I was left with a fully ruptured Achilles, and tons of pain from poor movement patterning. Thankfully I was connected to Goata through other pro-athletes and was able to put myself into a positions where I was outperforming all of my competition, while re-coding my movement patterns to completely eliminate pain and provide more security.

Karsten Leitner

and have a good news hehe. first time sprinting without pain since January 2020. thank u very very much coach. its a legit recode and my greater trochanter stops clicking for real. im really motivated to work out again tomorrow because i have no pain now. before when i do sprints, my muscles are very very tight. now, it's normal without pain.


I ran today, Two 10 second "sprints" I haven't been able to do this for, idk, a year, two? No Knee pain, knees not getting swollen and warm. IABH, and moving over columns, it felt like flying. Legs fire through the pivot and then naturally land IABH again. It's crazy. It's crazy how natural it feels. But I can see where work is needed. I can feel where work is needed. The more I move towards BCD, the more I'm able to connect to BCD. The stronger I feel, the less pain I feel. It's not a fluke, it's nature.

@wijklammet on Instagram

There's a huge overall presence that is hard to explain. The good feelings brought from the re code are almost leaving little signals to keep paying attention. My body feels really solid, grounded and I'm moving with ease. The little time I've strayed to play with some weights like push ups or dips are just mind blowing. I'm stronger than I was with weight training 3-4x a week. My feet feel amazing and feel like I'm rebuilding my foundation and everything can stack properly on top with the hard work.