The certification process includes a 12 week online educational program followed by a 3 day Lab Weekend where students are able to learn in person from Master GOATA Coaches.

Why Invest Your Time and Money?

Learning the GOATA system is not only a benefit to yourself, but also your family, your friends, your clients, and your athletes. You will gain knowledge and tools that will allow you to keep your body durable and pain free for years to come while helping those around you do the same. Getting certified and learning GOATA is an investment that will last you a lifetime.

Interested in becoming a coach? 

GOATA Professors

The certification is taught by the Master Coaches and Professor Coaches Jose Guilly Boesch, Gary Scheffler, Ricky Stanzi,  and RJ Archibald. They have spent countless hours studying slow motion video of each of the GOATA super tribes and their injury resistant movement patterns while also watching slow motion video of countless injuries and the movement patterns that cause them.  


"A systematic approach to joint health and sports performance."


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