Get Assessed by our Master Coaches and uncover your untapped potential. 

Here at GOATA Movement, we help you achieve the strength and mobility so that you can keep doing the things you love. We'll create a custom regimen designed for your unique needs uncovered through our slow-motion video assessment of your movement. 

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"To be able to see my movement patterns frame by frame and have my Recode coach show me exactly what movement was causing my knee pain was not only an eye-opening experience but also shortened my recovery time by half and since I've been working my Recode regimen my knee pain has totally vanished. Can't say enough good things about the coaches at GOATA Movement, their system is a game changer."

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Coach Gary and Coach Ricky are two of our Master coaches who have assessed 1000's of clients some of which include top names in NFL and NBA. They are ready and waiting for you to make the leap and start your Recode TODAY!!

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Next Steps

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Send In Your Video

Our team of coaches will evaluate and assess your movements using slow-motion video technology and will create a voice-over video giving you an in-depth look at your movement behaviors and where there is room to improve.  This frame by frame video breakdown is the only one of its kind and it will totally change the way you look at movement.

The Recode

After the video analysis, your coach will design a regimen of exercises specifically designed to help correct your movement inefficiencies and create better movement habits essentially training your body back to moving the way it was intended to.  A side effect of this training is a 6-26% increase in agility and speed, a body less prone to injury because it is moving the way it was built to, and freedom. Freedom to do the things you want and love to do.

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