2 years ago… Our business was a ghost town.

ghost town goata blog goata movement progression goata Jun 25, 2021

2 years ago… Our business was a ghost town.


2 years ago… Our business was a ghost town. Finding a parking spot was easy. The place was mostly empty. And we hardly had few hundred followers to the goata name. 


After watching this business grow the past two years it has taught me a few things, the first thing being, is that… anything is possible. I mean hell… when we first started... I hardly believed this was gonna work myself. 


Something magical happened, everyone kept working on  it and most importantly, no one gave up. We watched as our business grew.


Today on a busy night at GLS, it is impossible to even find a parking spot. Unless you're lucky or you show up early of course… the whole place is really loud, people talking, coaches whistling, music playing. The progression speaks for itself. 


If you were lucky enough to witness this for yourself then you know what I am talking about, although very few of us have, if you are here today, and plan on staying, prepare to witness much more, the team and the community grows every day. 


And we are waiting for you to join us.


Don’t forget this cool video content that Coach Bam and the Team created a while back. Thanks!! 




I wish you all the best!