Hey Iā€™m Coach Gil and I have a story to tell you.

coach gil's story goata movement interview with coach gil Sep 03, 2021

Hey I’m Coach Gil and I have a story to tell you. 


20 years ago my back was In crippling pain, I was laying on a hospital bed with zero hope for the future. The doctor told me you have three degenerative disks, and you will never be able to play with your son or golf ever again. 


The depression from the pain in my back, and hopelessness feelings of never being able to do simple tasks like just hold my son, or throw a football around or play golf lead me to crippling and suicidal depression. 


I thought there was no way out, I remember thinking, is this really it for me? 


I decided to go on a search for answers, why has the traditional workout and medical method failed me? 


I soon stumbled on the Egoscue method, which was a simple method based on aligning the body to gravity using right angles and lines. 


This changed the way I thought about traditional training all together, because with a background in carpentry and building this just made sense. 


I dropped everything and started working on the egoscue method, it was tedious work, but incredibly effective. 


Over time it was kind of like the ultimate daily pain pill, for my back, and it came as a simple daily workout routine. 


I couldn’t believe that all of the answers were right in front of me all along and I never noticed them. 


Could traditional weight rooms and medical doctors have really gotten this all wrong?? šŸ¤”šŸ¤” 


I mean… aren’t they supposed to be the smart ones? šŸ˜‚ šŸ¤· 


Egoscue's method that was mostly based on observing the simple standing posture of indigenous tribes that never wore traditional shoes, or sat in traditional chairs completely changed my life. 


I was able to move pain free again… I was able to play and hold my son… I was able to play golf and do all the things I loved even with three degenerative disks in my back. 


This is when I really began to think… there must be more to this. I began to use an iPad to record in slow motion, super athletes, indigenous tribes, and very old athletes that maintained healthy joints over time. 


I couldn’t believe my eyes… all of the walking and running patterns were the exact same! And they looked very natural to me. 


Much like how a baby crawls fresh out of the womb, the running and walking patterns mimicked a flow of left to right, much like a vortex. 


I was hooked... and years later using the system with continued work,I am able to hike and play golf every day, even though every medical professional said I would never be able to play golf, or do the basic tasks that make any one of us human, like walking and jogging. 


We are now using the same exercises that we are selling in this video course in our gyms with amazing success, for our athletes and everyday clients.


By simply getting our athletes to recode or change their movement patterns we’ve seen substantial increases in their performance and pain reduction. 


It’s kind of like jet fuel for athletic performance and pain reduction.


It’s no wonder all of these professional athletes are flocking to GOATA. šŸ¤·‍ā™‚ļø 


With more than 200 Coaches around the world and tens of thousands of recoded athletes, I Coach Gil am personally asking you to come join the community, and start your own recode today by buying this video course. 


Thank you for reading my story, and I hope to see you as a part of the goata community very soon.